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We are committed to generating excellent, long-term investment outcomes and building enduring partnerships. We accomplish this through our shared investment principles and client alignment philosophy.


Client alignment philosophy

We build long-term partnerships by aligning our interests with those of our clients. This philosophy ensures our clients’ interests come first.

Alignment of interests with our clients is a critical component of our mission, and we accomplish this in several ways:

  • A Win-Win mindset – when clients win, we win
  • Results-oriented compensation philosophy
  • Fair and reasonable fees

Our Investment Philosophy

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Capital preservation aims to protect what an investor already owns, preserve the face value of existing capital. It is a safety net strategy, and hence not all are motivated to generate abundant profits in exchange for bearing risk.

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From energy and climate to diversity, health, and human rights, the world continues to face challenges that are only intensifying. We recognise the critical importance of ESG considerations to many investors. We also acknowledge that ESG issues can present both opportunities and threats to long-term investment performance, which is why we are committed to responsible and sustainable investing.

ESG – Environmental criteria examine how a business contributes to and performs on environmental challenges (e.g. waste, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and climate change). Social criteria look at how the company treats people (e.g. human capital management, diversity and equal opportunities, work conditions, health & safety, and product misselling), while Governance criteria examine how a company is governed (e.g. executive remuneration, tax practices and strategy, corruption and bribery, and board diversity and structure).

There are many ways to incorporate ESG into investment decisions, but it is complex and no one way to apply ESG approach. The main application for our investment decisions tends to be ethical-based or moral investing and to screen out controversial ‘sin’ sectors. Such negative screening is very straightforward to implement and has historically been used by early adopters of sustainability principles.

At the heart of responsible investing is the simple idea, that companies are more likely to succeed and deliver strong returns if they create value for all their stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers and wider society including the environment – and not just the company owners. In addition to social value, avoiding companies operating in a risky or unethical manner can help us to avoid blow-ups as these companies could be held accountable for their consequences. Responsible investing is about doing good and giving back to society. We want to align our investment strategies with our values and ethics to invest in options that deliver healthier economy, society and environment for both current and future generations.

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Investing often triggers intense emotions. In times of market turbulence, impulsive decisions can hinder investors from sticking to their strategy. Maintaining discipline and perspective are crucial in staying committed to a long-term investment plan, even during periods of uncertainty.
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Our team actively monitors global macro developments and market trends to gain perspective and identify opportunities in the economic outlook. Additionally, we analyse the influence of government and central bank policies on investment strategies. Our investment decisions are guided by strategic asset allocation, prioritizing fundamentals, valuations, and market dynamics. Furthermore, we take into account technical factors such as market expectations and price patterns to make better-informed investment choices.

What We Do

Our company is built on enduring partnerships, conviction, and sustainable outcomes. We invest globally in credit, equity, and alternatives, offering solutions to help investors navigate changing landscapes and achieve long-term objectives.

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