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Investor Services Associate


Job Scope

The Investor Services Associate at our asset management firm plays a vital role in providing exceptional support and service to our valued investors. This role involves efficient coordination, organizational skills, and effective communication to contribute to the overall efficiency and success of the firm.

Job Description

  1. Administrative Support: Assist in managing daily administrative tasks.
  2. Operational Tasks: Manage new investment account openings, maintenance, and record-keeping.
  3. Trade Execution: Support the team in executing investment transactions and monitoring.
  4. Investor Relations: Foster strong relationships and deliver exceptional service to investors.
  5. Compliance Responsibilities: Attend regulatory training and provide assistance with compliance duties.
  6. Document Preparation: Assist in preparing reports, presentations, and documents required for investor  meetings and internal use.
  7. Data Entry and Management: Accurately input and manage data related to investor accounts, investments, and operational activities.
Job Type: Full Time

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